Saturday, 12 July 2008

Get your Paypal ready! 14 NEW KITS hitting the store MONDAY

Yes you read it right ... FOURTEEN kits!

So get excited because this collection of minikits, paper packs and elements is going to make you go ... WOW!

Also they will be at a cannot be repeated AWESOME price for a limited time only.

So ready your paypal accounts for a fun spending spree ;)

I'm excited because this is the biggest project I have undertaken and every single piece of these 14 kits all mix and match beautifully to create many different layouts.

It would be too much to post all of them here right now and no I don't have a peek image for you either. My lovely CT girls have been busy though! If you want to see some of the new kits in action check out my designer gallery for layouts.

(hint- have you noticed denim is making a comeback?)

and here's one of my favourites By Tina:

Credits: Who Me? , Sweet Charlie, Getting Edgy, Indigo Denim, and Borderline Denim
All coming soon to Gotta Pixel.
Butterfly from
Noosa Escape Extended Vacation all by Cherie Shields
Worn Torn Overlay by Danielle

Have a great day!

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