Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I have been asked recently for my terms of use with regards to scrap-for-hire. So if you scrap for other people as a business, this is for you :)

Every full priced personal use kit from now onwards includes FREE Scrap for Hire usage. Yes you heard me, I said FREE. There is no need to purchase extra licensing or contact me unless you are planning to mass produce something over and over. All you have to do is purchase the kit you plan to use at full price.

What is scrap for hire? It is scrapping a individual and personalised layout (in any size) destined for a book or hybrid project (eg canvas print, invitation) for a customer in exchange for payment. Each project should be provided to your clients as a flattened (no layers) .jpg file or a finished project.

What if I've already bought the kit on a $1 sale? Simply purchase it again once at full price and put in the note section of your order that you are purchasing S4H and your original order number if you have it. I will forward you a coupon to the value of your original purchase to spend on another kit.

Do you personalise blogs/websites for payment? To use my designs you must purchase the kit/s used each time you use them for a customer's project. Graphics must be merged png's or flattened jpg's at 72 dpi (web quality). Each project should be individual and not mass produced "out of the box" sets. If you are interested in doing that please feel free to contact me and we may come to a profit sharing arrangement to be sold in my store/your store (similar to a collab).

Scrapping pages for others (where no payment is recieved for services) falls under normal personal use guidelines. So long as you are not sharing individual papers or elements it is fine. What you cannot do though is mass distribute these creations or create quickpages without prior permission.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me. cherieshields at gmail dot com.

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